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About Karma Cafe


Mandy Lawson (Chef/Owner), a SF native since 2004, came to the Bay Area for the CCA, California Culinary Academy. With a business degree already accomplished, Mandy then followed her passion, furthering her education in culinary science. 

As an only child from San Luis Obispo, big city life was always a dream of hers to experience. Action, FOOD from all over the world, culture, diversity, and beautiful art awaited in San Francisco. Falling in love with SF was easy... making a living in one of the most expensive cities, however, was definitely hard.

Starting a catering business, working at an award-winning French restaurant, managing very busy downtown restaurants and Cafe’s were all a part of the process that brought Mandy to start Karma Cafe.

As a family investment, Karma Cafe represents love, friends, community, and a beautiful environment for some good food and a great cup of coffee.

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